About Us

tedWelcome to Dental Creations Inc.

I am Ted Cloyd, Owner and President. I have been serving the dental practices for 38 years. Dental Creations provides many types of restorations including full and partial dentures, crowns, bridges, ceramics, implants, bite splints and our newest addition Zirlux FC and E-max. Our focus is quality and consistency, providing your dental practice with less chair time at insert.

I have 20 years of my service as the Sr. Technician for a large group practice which included five dentists, an oral surgeon, an orthodontist, and periodontist. Working closely with all of the doctors and patients brought me the best education and understanding of importance of focus on every little detail in completion of each case. As a laboratory owner I have put into place many procedures to complete cases with consistency and quality for each and every product we complete

We look forward to helping you grow your practice and delivering smiles to your patients

Ted Cloyd, CDT

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