What Our Clients Have to Say

Dear Ted

I would like to thank you for your continuning excellence in dental laboratory services. Your attention to detail and artistic abilities are always evident. Recently, your addition of Zirlux FC and E-max crown to your repertoire has been outstanding. We have placed dozens of Zirlux crowns already. the marginal integrity is unsurpassed, the esthetics are great, and any necessary adjustments are infrequent and easily accomplished. The same can be said for the E-max crowns as well. We have been thrilled with the ability to place durable crowns without a metal core. Thank you for your dedication to providing the finest, laboratory services that help us optimum care for our patients.


Gregory Stewart, D.M.D.



I have always been impressed with the quality of the work and attention to detail that Dental Creations lab has demonstrated. I recently started using them for Zirlux crowns (in addition to their standard PFM's) and have these crowns to be very impressive in aesthetics and overall quality.

Kevin Alperson, D.D.S.

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